Donnerstag, 20. August 2015

Why we fight

A few words to our english speaking visitors:
Unfortunately Germany has no effective laws to protect the freedom of speech, except the opinion this regime allowed. The german ZOG will send everyone to prison who are criticizing them, the so called „democracy“ is nothing more than a ridiculous joke. You risk your life in Germany if you dare to speak too openly about our culture, our glorious past, our heroic „Wehrmacht“ or criticize the fascist german regime today. Then they've send you a bunch of government paid thugs, the so called antifa, these extremely left wing criminals threaten your neighbors or your family, if you dare to speak open freely. Or the cops break in your home and destroy everything you got. Every year many brave souls are sending to jail only for speaking too openly. Since 1945 there is no more free press here (only if you kiss the regimes arse), the totally mind-controlled masses live anxious in fear. Only a handful of brave Germans fight under a huge risk against this tyranny. We are a few of them. We will fight for a free german nation, even it cost our life. Keep fighting, no remorse, no surrender. We are still brave national socialist and we fight until we win back our freedom and our country! Every breath until death to our holy german fatherland!

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